IBS Debt Collection includes the following steps in the standard process of collecting debt:

  • claim evaluation
  • Identification and analysis of the  financial and economic situation of the debtor
  • Debtor notification with payment term
  • Phoning the debtor and setting up a meeting
  • Establishing payment arrangements and monitoring said arrangements
  • Give notice regarding the start of the legal collecting procedure
  • Court summons, launching the foreclosure or the insolvency procedures.

Our work system allows us to perform our activities in this debt recovery process in two distinct stages: (i) pre-litigation and (ii) litigation.


Pre-litigation stage

In this stage, we try to amicably determine debtors to pay the outstanding debts and as such to avoid burdening their financial situation. At the same time, in this stage we pursue recovery of the outstanding debts using the following methods: written notifications, telephone calls, mediation, negotiation, establishing and tracking subsequent payments after agreeing upon payment commitments, this stage providing a rate of success of over 70%.

 The main advantage of this procedure revolves around maintaining amicable relations between clients and their business partners by means of IBS acting as a mediator. In addition, the costs of judicial proceedings are avoided; the time needed to solve the issue is considerably less than with the litigation procedure. We make note here of the fact that IBS makes use of its own team of mediators avoiding any other extra costs.

 Litigation stage

 The litigation stage will be undertaken only if the amicable procedure does not produce any positive results,

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