Evaluation for restructuring or liquidation purposes


Types of services provided

  • Valuation for owned shares
  • Valuation for unused or real estate assetsor assets undergoing demolition
  • Valuation for unused equipment
  • Valuation for stocks of raw materials destined for trade or liquidation
  • Valuation of insolvent businesses

Advantages of our evaluations

  • We have already established collaborations with major legal firms orjudicial executorsand we have experience in the field
  • You receive a detailed evaluation reportwhich will conform to all standards imposed in the field and with which your lawyers or liquidators can close the deal considering the desired outcome set out
  • We can quickly mobilize our team of specialistson demand, being able to meet short deadlines
  • Our team has experience in using the whole range of evaluation methods and it can apply the methodology which would best fit the objectives of the project.