Audit and Financial Advisory

  • Despite the fact that in today’s world the rules of business have changed, the basic rules are the same. Supplying complete, accurate and concrete information in regards to financial situations continues to be the starting point in satisfying investors’ expectations.
  • Does your company have a flexible and permanent access to financing and may it provide credible information with ease in order to project the trust demanded by shareholders and business partners alike?
  • One of the key elements in maintaining a high level of trust in the company as well as the entire financial system is the AUDIT, a tool that is supposed to restore balance between the ever growing evolution of the reporting system within the company, the investors’ skepticism, the banks that fronted the credit, the shareholders and other business partners as well as detailed, 24/7 information about the company, including any non-financial information.
  • We truly tackle the audit of each company by having a complete understanding of the business it relates to, of the industry within which it operates as well as the most recent regulatory standards. We take into account the risks each company is facing, the way in which management evaluates those risks as well as the transparency of the reporting system within the company to the other shareholders and business partners.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in preparing financial statements, including compiling of prepared financial statements in accordance with Romanian law in force (Law No. 82) for conformity to other reporting standards (the International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS, other Generally Accepted Accounting Standards – US GAAP);
  • Auditing for local financial statements according to Romanian legislation based on the ISA (International Audit Standards) and the audit regulatory standards issued by the Financial Auditors’ Chamber in Romania;
  • A diagnose system for enterprises and assistance with elaborating internal policies and procedures
  • Due diligence for acquisitions and mergers, agreed procedures and other financial investigations on specific topics.
  • Assistance with preparing business plans for development or restructuring.



Mission statement:

  • The best solutions are discovered together
  • Professional standards
  • Objectivity and independence