Valuation Services

Our team offers a wide range of evaluation services that cover most of the services found on the market.

Whether the petrol, construction or pharmaceutical industries, large Romanian corporations, leaders of their business segment, turn to us for our specialized services: valuation, financing, mergers, acquisitions, business planning and so forth.

The assistance with valuation services is provided by our partners at Accento, a member company of the National Association of Certified Appraisers in Romaniawith over 10 years of experience in the field.

Valuated assets

From the valuation services standpoint, presently our team has the capacity toperform valuations for any category of assets:

  • Real estate;
  • Movable property;
  • Trading companies;
  • Intangible assets;

Standards applied:

The valuation activity is governed by strict ethical guidelines and quality standards.

In performing valuation services we incorporate well-known standards principles as well as the best industry practices. According to the needs of the evaluation mission,our company  conducts its services according to one of the following industry standardswhich have been adopted in Romania.

  • Standard of goods evaluation, ANEVAR 2014
  • International evaluation standards, 2011 edition, issued by International Valuation Standards Board;
  • Professional valuation standards issued byRoyal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – RICS Valuation-Professional standards, January 2014, or
  • European Valuation Standards (EVS)issued byTEGOVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Association).
  • Other legislative bodies in force on Romanian territory.
  • In case of valuation for the purpose of loan guarantees,the provisions of the common guide of ANEVAR and of the National Bank of Romania, issued in 2010.

The image bellow shows synthetically which types of actives can be valuated, along with the methods used for each of the services offered by our team of evaluators: