Evaluation for financial reporting

When do you need valuation for financial reporting?

Valuation for financial reporting is necessary in order to allow commercial enterprises to register their balance sheet items in accounting at a level that would accurately reflect their valueaccording to the conditions of the market,their use and utility for said enterprise. The specific accounting legislationis necessary for maintaining assetsto their fair value, process usually performed by assessors.

Valuation is in part regulated by theInternational Standards for Financial Reporting (“ISFR”) should the enterprisedraw up its balance sheet according to said standards or the National Accounting Standards, should the enterprisedraw up its balance sheet according to national standards. In Romania, case in point, valuation is regulated by the Accounting Law and in theOrders of the Ministry of Finance which periodically regulated accounting activities.

How may we help you?

  • Valuation of all types of assets and debts in order to estimate the correct values
  • Assistance in applying for IFRS 3,IFRS 13; IFRS 38, IAS 36, SFAS 142, SFAS 141;
  • Assistance in valuation or estimation the impairment tests for Goodwill;
  • Assistance for conducting impairment tests for other assets;
  • Assistance in allocating purchase prices (Purchase Price Allocation);
  • Checking valuation reports.

The strong points of our team

  • Double the expertise: both in valuation and financial audit, which allows for an exact understandingof the impact of valuationin financial situations
  • Total implication in talks with auditorsin order to secure the acceptance of the valuation report
  • Experience in verification of valuation reports drafted by third parties form the perspective of the auditor
  • Over 10 years of experience working with companies similar to the Big Four
  • International accreditation (RICS, REV) as well as national accreditation through ANEVAR-MAA