Evaluation for performing a transaction

Advantages of an evaluation performed by our team:

  • You receive reliable valuation reports, which will constitute solid negotiation groundsfor the transaction: the members of the consultancy teamwere part of the transaction negotiation teamsfor top companies (e.g. the Big Four) and are aware of the sensitive elements of the valuation report;
  • Our experts fully understand the implications of the valuationand can precisely identify the factors that influence the value of the business;
  • You receive concrete solutions forreaching the objectives of the transaction;our professionals have ample expertise in maximizing the value of the shareholder;
  • The valuation report contains all necessary elementson which the decisions of all other implied consultants hang onin the purchase processdue to our multi-disciplinary experience which covers areas such as accounting, finance, evaluation, taxation;
  • It is imperative that the assessor has previous experience in structuring the transactionand to fully understand the impact of the valuation for the entire process. These strengths of our team add value to you by including propositions for optimal solutions regarding the area destined for evaluation, valuation methods employed and not least by innovative contributions for structuring transactions.


Types of services provided

  • Valuation of company stock for transactions including fusions and mergers;
  • Assistance in allocating the paid acquisition pricefor mergers/acquisitionsof companies based on the balance sheet items of the purchased company (a requirement of the IFRS);
  • Assistance in evaluating the good-will obtained after an acquisition;
  • Valuation of the contribution in kind to the share capital of a company;
  • Valuation of intangibles (know-how, patents, licenses, contracts, customer relationships, software, R & D projects);
  • Assistance in preparing the company (froma financial standpoint) for sale and an indicative value of a conservative value which can be added before negotiations with the other side can begin’
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting the financial clause of the purchase contract (SPA);