Evaluations for tax-optimization

When do you need such services?

Due to the financial recession we are currently experiencing, tax optimizationgrows in importance year after year. The tendency for companies to reduce their fiscal burden but also the complicated fiscal code whose purpose it is to extend the taxation databasemake the assessor find himself in the position of a referee that identified the market value (or at times the real value) of the assets that constitute the basis for subsequent taxation.

A capable assessor, who respects all the standards of the field,can substantially diminish the riskof subsequent fiscal costs.

Why use the services of an assessor?

  • You get a valuation report which will considerably diminish the risk of your transaction
  • We have extended experience in collaborating with several top financial consultants and we are aware of their demands which would reduce your participation to a minimum
  • You receive sensitivity analysis and scenarios in order to estimate the upcoming impact according to your considered business options

Types of services provided

  • Valuation of buildings and special structuresin order to establish a tax base (a legal requirement once every 3 years);
  • Valuation for capital injections;
  • Valuation for assets and businessesat market value fortransactions between affiliated enterprises;