• incorporation and reorganization of various forms of legal entities;
  • corporate governance issues;
  • shareholder agreements;
  • transfer of shares;
  • non profit organizations;
  • international and local agreements.

IBS lawyers provide a broad range of corporate services acting for multinational and local companies, from day to day operations and on to the most complex operations, including joint ventures, equity investments, shares transfer of ownership or operations regarding the change of control.

In addition, we provide general commercial consultancy regarding drafting and negotiation of all types of domestic or international commercial contracts (sale-purchase, leasing, rent, sponsorship, partnership, agency, franchising, loan, know-how, distribution, construction, assignment, maintenance, advertising etc.).

Although we have met recently, I was positively impressed by the promptness and good communication with IBS, a partner we can rely on.
Valeant Pharma
Roxana Manole – General Manager
We have collaborated with many companies specialized in debt recovery, but until now, certainly the best collaboration we had was with IBS. The quality of services related to the sense of balance in trade really recommends IBS as reliable partners.
Romanian Motor Insurers' Bureau
Ioan Matei – Director Oficiul juridic
“We chose to collaborate with IBS due to their professionalism, their promptitude and the quality of the services they provide. The trust they showed us makes us gladly take our business to them”
Managing Partner-Daniel Truica
“We have collaborated with IBS Professional Solutions for quite some time and we are truly impressed by their professionalism, their skill and the reliability of the team of specialists we have worked with. We had the pleasure of finding a reliable partner with IBS, very competent and pragmatic, a partner that has been of real use in different business situations. We managed to build an efficient professional relationship and more due to, among others, the efficient communication and rapid response time they showed in dealing with our problems.”
Finance & Administration Manager, HR coordinator-Mirela Enciu

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Biroul Asiguratorilor de autovehicule din Romania
Hansa flex
Jones Lang